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NC State Wolfpack

NC State Wolfpack
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    Download Sport Schedules To Microsoft Outlook & iCal

    Now fans with Microsoft Outlook on their computers can download and install Wolfpack schedules onto their calendar! To download the file, just click on the sport below and choose the "Save to Disk" Option.

    After downloading the file, open Outlook and follow these directions for importing it into your calendar:

    • Select the File / Import and Export... Menu option.
    • Select "Import from another program or file" and click Next.
    • Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click Next.
    • Find the desired CSV file and select "Do not import duplicate items" and click Next.
    • Select Calendar and click Next.
    • The next window will have a title that says 'The following actions will be performed:' above an option to 'Import "(filename).csv" into folder: Calendar.'
    • Check that box and and click on 'Import "(filename).CSV" into folder: Calendar'
    • From there, click and drag needed fields from the left window into the right window. Its fairly self-explanatory, but the basic corresponding fields are below: SUBJECT to Subject START_DATE to Start Date START_TIME to Start Time END_TIME to End Time DESCRIPTION to Description LOCATION to Location


    And if you'd like Outlook to place a reminder: REMINDER_ON_OFF to Reminder On/Off

    • Click OK
    • Then Click Finish

    Click here to download into Google Calendars

    Sports Available:

    2014 Men's Basketball CSV iCal
    2014 Women's Basketball CSV iCal
    2015 Baseball iCal
    2015 Softball iCal
    2015 Men's Tennis iCal
    2015 Women's Tennis iCal

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