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    It's OUR TIME To Give Back
    NC State Dance Team
    NC State Dance Team

    July 29, 2010

    Throughout the year you can often find members of the dance team raising funds and accepting donations to support the program they work so hard to be a part of. Each member also participates in obtaining sponsorships individually for the team and takes a lot of pride in the earnings they are able to acquire.

    It has always been characteristic of the program to be available to the Wolfpack community and to organizations that support NC State University. We did however, make the decision this year to expand on that idea and show our support to communities and organizations that embrace charitable causes and ideals.

    This year the Howlin' Hunnies have decided to focus their supportive efforts on two specific causes, Autism Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness. Both the issues of Autism and Breast Cancer have had a personal affect on one or more of our members and/or coaches and therefore take on incredible meaning and significance to the team.

    Please look for information regarding our fundraising efforts for these two important causes and feel free to contact our fundraising representatives,, with ideas, events, personal stories we can share on our website, or offers for the team to participate or make appearances at functions.



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