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    Q and A: Cat Barber

    Jan. 19, 2014

    What has been the biggest adjustment at the point guard position moving from high school to college?
    The pace of the game. The high school game is slower. The college game is fast, but it can be fast and slow. You have to predict how the speed and tempo of the game is going. There are a bunch of different steps in college basketball.

    What has it been like to come into the NC State program as a young player on such a young team?
    Coach Gottfried tells us that being young isn't a part of it anymore. We've all been playing basketball the same, just like older guys. They have different experiences, but it's just about going out there and playing basketball and having fun. As we get more experience, we've been getting a feel for how the atmosphere is.

    What has been the best part of being on the team so far?
    Having new experiences playing college basketball. Going to different places with the team, being with my teammates and eating with everybody. I've been going out on the court and trying to have fun.

    How has your experience as a student at NC State been so far?
    Everyday waking up going to class, the fans are everywhere. They're happy to see you, taking pictures with you. They know you. We have great fans all over campus.

    You and Desmond Lee are both from Virginia and have forged a friendship. How has your friendship with Desmond helped you along at NC State?
    He's from Norfolk and I'm from around Hampton, about 10 minutes away from each other. I've known him a long time and we've bonded. It's been great. On the court and off the court. Sometimes we yell at each other, but we don't get each other down. We're helping each other. Off the court, we're together so much and it's great to have him on the team. And I know it's great for him to have me on the team.

    How has your experience been with the NC State coaching staff?
    It's been great. Everybody's been doing what they have to do to help us. They've been great and helpful.



    Growing up as a young basketball player in Virginia, how does it feel to be out there on the court playing basketball in the ACC?
    I used to always watch college basketball. I used to always want to be a basketball player in the ACC. And now that I've worked hard and I'm here, it feels good.

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