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    Spring Football Q&A: Darryl Cato-Bishop
    Darryl Cato-Bishop
    Darryl Cato-Bishop

    April 19, 2012

    Raleigh, N.C. - Darryl Cato-Bishop, a redshirt Junior from Boston, Mass., is ready to have an impact on the Pack's defensive unit. His experiences last year switching back and forth from defensive tackle to defensive end have ignited high expectations for the 2012 season. Cato-Bishop is motivated and energized, and will be a definite force to be reckoned with.

    Q: What are your overall thoughts on the Pack's spring practices?

    Cato-Bishop: Overall I think we have come out here and have done pretty good. A lot of things we do, we need to always be working on. A lot of new guys, a few new faces, but we are going to continue to work as a team each and every day like the coach's emphasize.

    Q: What do you think it will take to get back to a third straight bowl appearance?

    Cato-Bishop: It's all in and everybody's got to come in with the same mindset to win and have one overall goal to go to the Orange Bowl and win the Orange Bowl. If everyone does that and play hard, we should be fine.

    Q: What has been the motivation of (defensive line coach) Willis after losing experience (J.R. Sweezy and Markus Kuhn) from last year?

    Cato-Bishop: He just told us that it's on us now. We used to be the little young guys in the back of the classroom and now we are up front. It's on us to make sure that the D-line works hard and goes out there and gives 110%. He emphasizes for us to stay motivated, run to the ball, and play harder than we've ever played before.

    Q: How have you seen the younger underclassmen adapting?

    Cato-Bishop: I think they are doing pretty good. There are a lot of things thrown their way but they are doing pretty good. It's a process; you know we've all been there, so that they can learn from. They are going to make a few mistakes, you know everyone makes mistakes, but they'll be fine.



    Q: What is the one thing that you try and stress to the other defensive linemen?

    Cato-Bishop: I tell the other D-Linemen and myself that we have to be stubborn up front and we've got to be mean. The only thing that I emphasize is "No". We don't allow no running, no passing, and we have to get to the quarterback.

    Q: From last season, having to switch from defensive tackle to end, what strengths have you captured from your experience that you will carry on into this season?

    Cato-Bishop: It taught you how to be a man. I used to think those guys down there were kind of soft, but you know from playing down there, those guys are tough son of a guns. It has taught me how to utilize my hands and feet to become more aggressive and quicker to get off the ball.

    Q: How has Corey Edmond and his new strength and conditioning staff had an impact on the workouts this spring?

    Cato-Bishop: I think they have been doing a great job, because everybody's all in and ready to work to get bigger. He came in with this attitude and mindset that we are going to work hard every day to be the best in everything that we do. We are going to be champions in the weight room and on the field. That's the good thing about him.

    Q: It seems like "all in" is the motto for this season, is there any other advice from the coaches that you have been given this spring?

    Cato-Bishop: That's the only one is "all in" because when you're "all in" you're going to do everything right. You're going to make sure that you go to class, and you're going to make sure you go to study hall, weight room, and training room. You've got to be "all in" and depend on your teammates to be "all in" as well.

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