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    #PackCamp 2014 - Day 3 Practice Notes
    WR Bra'Lon Cheery pulls down the catch
    WR Bra'Lon Cheery pulls down the catch
    Aug. 4, 2014

    RALEIGH, N.C. - The team put on pads for the first time this morning for practice No. 3.  They were in their ‘1/2-pack’ (shoulder pads), and will put on full gear for practice No. 5 on Wednesday.

    • Coach Doeren praised Rob Crisp for his leadership in today’s practice and had him break the team down after the final huddle.  He also singled out Tony Creecy, Benson Browne, Rodman Noel and Art Norman for their leadership so far during fall camp.

    • The weather was a little warmer today but the first three days have been uncharacteristically cool.

    • Freshman Mike Stevens’ father Dr. Michael Stevens, a pastor from Charlotte, led the team prayer following practice.

    • The team will have lunch, treatment and rest time until meetings start back up at 3:30 p.m.

    Coach Doeren Post-Practice Comments

    “The offense had really good energy and execution today and the defense finished the practice really well.

    “It’s good to see the running backs, Matt (Dayes), Tony (Creecy) and Shad (Thornton), running well and competing.  Jacoby (Brissett) had a lot of poise today.  I thought he came out a little off yesterday and then finished really well,  but he came out focused today.”

    “Defensively we have to keep the ball in front of us and not give up big plays.  That happened today a little too much.”

    “Weather-wise, the first two days were nice for these guys to work them back into football but today it is definitely warmer and more humid.  Our physical conditioning is much better than a year ago.  The guys’ legs are probably more prepared.  We have a few bumps and bruises like everybody but now it’s important to keep our muscle recovery right between practices.”

    “Leadership.  Rob Crisp and Tony (Creecy) continues to lead vocally.  Those two guys had some moments during practice.  Benson Browne continues to lead in the tight end group.  Rodman Noel  is a quiet leader in the linebacker group.  Art Norman was cramping a little bit but was a good leader.”



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