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    Pack Elects 2014 Leadership Council
    Pack's Leadership Council
    Pack's Leadership Council
    Aug. 11, 2014

    RALEIGH, N.C. - After the first of two practices on Monday, head coach Dave Doeren announced the 2014 Leadership Council to the team. This group of players represents each position on the field and was elected by the team to provide guidance and direction.

    "Being elected to the Leadership Council is the ultimate sign of respect, since their teammates vote them into a position of influence," said Doeren. "The Leadership Council is the voice of the locker room."

    Doeren says that the position is not a recognition of athletic prowess, but leadership ability. He will go to the council when he needs player input on a decision and a player can go to the council with issues they would like brought up to the coaches.

    "I look forward to working with this group and am excited for them to earn this honor from their teammates," he continued. "We will give them the opportunity to grow as leaders and the resources to empower them."

    2014 Wolfpack Football Leadership Council:
    CB - Juston Burris, Niles Clark, Jack Tocho
    SAF - Jarvis Byrd, Hakim Jones
    DL - T.Y. McGill, Art Norman
    LB - Rodman Noel, M.J. Salahuddin
    ST - Niklas Sade
    RB - Tony Creecy
    TE/FB - Benson Browne, Devin O'Connor, Tyler Purvis
    WR - Gavin Locklear, Jumichael Ramos, Bryan Underwood
    QB - Jacoby Brissett, Garrett Leatham
    OL - Rob Crisp, Joe Thuney, Andy Jomantas, Quinton Schooley
    Freshmen - Tony Adams, Bo Hines, Jalan McClendon, Kentavius Street



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