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    #BackPack: Men's Tennis

    Aug 19, 2013

    RALEIGH, N.C. - With the first day of classes starting on Wednesday, Aug. 21, sat down with a few of the NC State men’s tennis players to discuss their summer, excitement about the school year starting and expectations for the 2013-14 season.  

    Senior - Sean Weber 

    Q: Talk about your summer. 
    A: I took the first summer session of school and I was around Raleigh training with the coaches one-on-one. I got a lot of good work in and I feel like most of the guys did as well. Then I took a five-week road trip and got some good match experience. I also discovered what it was like to play on the pro tour and I made some good connections, but I'm excited to be back and to be training with my team.

    Q: Talk about how excited you are about the school year getting underway and being back in Raleigh. 
    A: Being gone for five weeks, I definitely missed being with the team. The team dynamic is one of the best parts about college tennis because it’s usually an individual sport. We're really looking forward to starting training with the team and the coaches. This is my last year so I want to make the most of it and every day counts. 

    Q: What are your expectations for the year?
    A: I want to have my best year out of my four years. I've been improving steadily each year and I hope to continue that this year. In terms of doubles, I made it to the NCAA Tournament last year, but I lost in the first round so I want to improve on those results. As a team, our goal is to be ranked among the top-16 so that we can host a regional.  

    Q: How does your class schedule look?
    A: I'm finishing up the biology major, so I have completed most of my classes, which makes it easier on me. 


    Junior - Austin Powell 

    Q: Talk about your summer.
    A: I think it was a very productive summer. The coaches gave us an outline for the summer to give us an idea of what we needed to do. I was in Florida for the first month of the summer with some other guys from the team playing in some futures tournaments. All of these tournaments have really helped us develop into where we want to go in the fall and the spring. It’s been a really developmental summer and we’re going to carry that momentum into the fall and hopefully have a good fall results-wise.



    Q: Talk about how excited you are about the school year getting underway and being back in Raleigh. A: I love the fact that we’re back and getting things started. For me, I like being on a schedule and I think the other guys do as well. We can’t practice with the coaches for a couple of weeks, but we will all be practicing on our own to get ready for the tournaments to start in September. 

    Q: What are your expectations for the season?
    A: We’ve continually raised the bar each year. When I came here as a freshman we advanced to the first round of the NCAA Tournament and last year as a sophomore we went to the second round, so this year we’re trying to go beyond that and achieve even more. It’s important for everyone to be on the same page and I think it’s setting up to be one of the best teams we’ve had in a long time.

    Freshman - Nick Horton 

    Q: Talk about your summer.
    A: It was a new experience and it was definitely fun. I feel like summer school really helped me going into the fall because I know what to expect. I also know what I want to major in - business administration with a marketing concentration. I think it’s definitely an advantage to come to summer school because I've met my teammates and I feel comfortable starting the school year and training with them.   

    Q: How excited are you about classes starting on Wednesday?
    A: I'm really excited. I hear the classes are a lot smaller in the summer, so I'm excited to meet new people and start classes.

    Q: What do you think your first match as a member of the Wolfpack will be like?
    A: I'm pumped, I can't wait. I know some people are nervous about their first match, but I'm looking forward to it even though it's so far away. We have plenty of time to train and I think we're going to be really good. 









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