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    Getting to Know: Sophomore Renada Davis
    Sophomore shortstop Renada Davis
    Sophomore shortstop Renada Davis

    Jan. 21, 2013

    NC State's 2013 softball season begins on Feb. 8 at the Florida International Panther Invitational in Miami, with a new excitement as the fast-pitch program enters its 10th season under first-year head coach Shawn Rychcik.

    The squad returns three seniors - Caitlin Dent, Katie Mansilla and Bethaney Wells - as well as 2012 ACC Rookie of the Year Renada Davis, a shortstop who set a school record last season with a batting average and on-base percentage.

    On this year's roster of 14 players are three sophomores: Davis, pitcher Emily Weiman and outfielder Sara Lippard.

    Davis had an outstanding first season with the Wolfpack with a .362 batting average and a .450 on-base percentage, finishing second in the ACC in batting average. She led the team with 55 hits and had 14 multi-hit games.

    A native of Texas, Davis is a multi-talented person who played clarinet in her high school marching band.

    Renada Davis
    Tomball, Texas
    Tomball High School



    Favorite movie: The new Batman series
    Favorite song/band: Fun.
    Favorite class/subject: Economics/business management
    Favorite flavor of ice cream: Blue Belle vanilla with cookie dough
    Ideal fast food meal: Whataburger chicken sandwich, Bojangles biscuit, McAlister's sweet tea, Boberry biscuit.
    Favorite meal at a full-service restaurant: Fajitas for one at Los Arcos with charro beans.
    Favorite “home-cooked” meal: brisket, sausage, mom's BBQ sauce, potato salad and banana pudding.
    What other languages do you speak: Spanglish
    Musical instrument you play: Clarinet
    Career ambition: Coaching
    What specific things did you do between the end of fall practice and the start of the spring semester to improve your game? I went home and practiced with old coaches and players I used to play with.
    What is your favorite training/practice activity? Reps at shortstop.
    What is your least favorite training/practice activity? Don't really have one.
    When did you first start playing softball, and did you play other sports before it? When I was 4, and no.
    All sports you played in high school: Just softball unless marching band is counted as a sport…which, honestly, it should be.

    iphone or Droid? Droid
    Song/artist most played on your MP3 player: “Some Nights” by Fun.
    Song/artist on your iPod that you are embarrassed to admit that you listen to: Danny Elfman film scores.
    The TV channel or show you most watch: “Chopped” on Food Network
    TV show you are embarrassed to admit that you watch: “Charmed”
    ESPN/MTV/Food Network: Food Network
    Favorite accessory in your wardrobe: Any of my work out clothes.
    Give your dress style a nickname/explain: Random… It all depends on the mood I wake up in.
    Celebrity doppelganger: Johnny Depp
    Something that you cannot live without: Softball
    Besides NC State, what place do you like most in North Carolina: Washington, N.C.

    YOU & YOUR TEAMMATES (Feel free to vote for yourself)
    Best dancer on the team: Scout Albertson
    Best cook on the team: Me
    Best dresser on the team: Caitlin Dent
    Best jokester on the team: Sara Lippard
    Best singer on the team: Emily Weiman
    Favorite (non-athletics) activity with your teammates: Random trips with Hayley Stowe.
    Based on your experiences last year, what advice do you have for this year’s three freshmen? Work hard, never lose sight of your dreams/ goals, and trust yourself.

    Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother
    What/how many pets did you have growing up: a lot… dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, birds, rats, spiders… whatever I brought home that mom let me keep.
    Favorite vacation location: Hayley's parents’ mountain house!
    Any famous relatives: Not that I know of.
    What’s the thing you miss most about home (besides family): The food.

    Sports idol as a child: None
    Most famous athlete you have ever met: Jennie Finch
    Favorite teams: Texas Rangers
    Person in sports that you would most like to meet/why: Don’t really have one.
    Proudest moment from last season: Receiving ACC Freshman of the Year Award.
    Most gratifying community service you have performed as a team: Delivering Thanksgiving meal to a family.
    A unique talent that either you have: I am pretty good at playing several different instruments.
    Something that not many people know about you: I love dancing.

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