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    Freshman Focus on Molly Martin
    Freshman Molly Martin
    Freshman Molly Martin

    April 30, 2014

    RALEIGH, N.C. - Throughout the 2014 season, will be introducing the freshmen on the team through a series entitled "Freshman Focus". Periodically a feature will be posted to the website, giving fans a look at what the players are doing outside of softball, some of their favorite things to do and other interests. 

    Molly Martin
    Mount Airy, N.C.

    What age did you start playing softball?
    "Around five I started playing coach pitch softball.” 

    What made you want to start playing softball?
    “My dad. He played baseball so he wanted me to play, and it just took off.” 

    What other sports did you play growing up?
    "In high school I played volleyball, softball and basketball. When I was a child, I competed in gymnastics and cheerleading.” 

    What's your favorite food?
    "Anything my mom cooks, like country food. I guess we could say Italian too.” 

    What's your favorite movie?
    "Pitch Perfect or Stepbrothers.” 

    What made you commit to N.C. State?
    "Probably just the campus and how big the school is. Everyone is a family.” 

    What was your first impression of Coach Rychcik? 
    “He reminded me of my dad in the way that they coach and their understanding about the game. He was positive and encouraging and he knows how to teach the game.” 

    What do enjoy the most about playing softball at NC State? 
    “My teammates. We are just making memories and forming relationships.” 

    What's your major?
    "Undecided. I'm thinking about communication with a concentration in public relations." 

    What are your plans after college? 
    "As of now, I want to move back to Mayberry and find a job.” 

    What would your dream job be? 
    "My dream job would be to manage a nursing home facility. I love working with the elderly.” 

    What's your dream car? 
    "Black Ferrari S430.” 

    If you could change one thing about softball, what would it be?
    “I would make it more than three strikes.” 

    What's your favorite softball memory? 
    "Getting my first hit at the collegiate level.” 

    What's something you couldn't imagine going a week without?
    "I couldn’t go a week without my friends and my family.” 

    What's something people don't know about you?
    "I used to cheer and compete in gymnastics when I was younger.” 

    What's one thing you wish was different about you? 
    "I wish I was taller.” 

    What's your favorite part of practice?

    What is your least favorite part of practice?
    “The dynamic warm-ups.” 

    What was the first sports event you ever attended?
    "I think it was a San Francisco Giants vs. Chicago Cubs baseball game in Chicago." 

    Who's your favorite pro athlete?
    "Derek Jeter.” 

    What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?




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