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    Wolfpack Primed for Final Tournament of Fall Schedule
    Elisha Hande and the Wolfpack close out the fall schedule at the College of Charleston Halloween Challenge
    Elisha Hande and the Wolfpack close out the fall schedule at the College of Charleston Halloween Challenge

    Oct. 31, 2013

    Full Tournament Draw

    RALEIGH, N.C. - The NC State women's tennis team will travel to the Lowcountry of South Carolina to compete in the College of Charleston Halloween Challenge, Nov. 1-3 at the College of Charleston Tennis Center in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

    NC State will take on College of Charleston, Georgia, Denver and Marshall in a head-to-head, round-robin format. The tournament will be divided into seven flights with four players in each flight. Knockout rounds will follow to decide winner of the tournament.

    "We are looking forward to this tournament," NC State head coach Hans Olsen said. "In our recent match play we have been strong in the areas of fitness, offensive execution, positive energy and team support. These are important areas in our team development. This weekend I would like to see improvement in our work in the neutral rally and an improvement in our negative body language."

    The Wolfpack will face some stout competition in its final tournament of the fall. The doubles team of Rachel James-Baker and Sophie Nelson are set to face off against the No. 2 ranked doubles squad of Silvia Garcia and Katie Fuller from Georgia. In singles play, Liza Fieldsend will take on No. 14 Maho Kawase of Georgia and Sophie Nelson will take on No. 101 Kate Fuller, who also plays for Georgia.

    State will return to action on Jan. 24th, 2014 against North Carolina Central and East Carolina in Raleigh, N.C.

    Wolfpack's Weekend Schedule



    Flight 1 doubles:

    Friday: Rachel James-Baker/Sophie Nelson(NC State) vs. Oppinger/Timko (Marshall)

    Saturday: Schnell/Radosevic (Denver) vs. Rachel James-Baker/Sophie Nelson(NC State)

    Sunday: Garcia/Fuller(Georgia) vs. Rachel James-Baker/Sophie Nelson (NC State)

    Flight 3 doubles:

    Friday: McAmis/Schofield (CofC) vs.Janowicz/Fieldsend (NC State)

    Saturday: Charlotte Dervyshire/Evy Van Genechten (Denver) vs. Janowicz/Fieldsend (NC State)

    Sunday: King/Kimbell(Georgia) vs. Janowicz/Fieldsend (NC State)

    Flight 4 doubles:

    Friday: Sipes/Zaytoun (NC State) vs. Garpenlov(Denver)/Gulsrud(Marshall)

    Saturday: Sipes/Zaytoun (NC State) vs. Bye

    Sunday: Harrell/Maddox (CofC) vs. Sipes/Zaytoun (NC State)

    Flight 2 Singles:

    Friday: Rachel James-Baker (NC State) vs. Kai Broomfield (Marshall)

    Saturday: Kelly Kambourelis (CofC) vs. Rachel James-Baker (NC State)

    Sunday: Caroline Schnell (Denver) vs. Rachael James-Baker (NC State)

    Flight 3 Singles:

    Friday: Maho Kowase (Georgia) vs. Liza Fieldsend (NC State)

    Saturday: Mara Argyriou (CofC) vs. Liza Fieldsend (NC State)

    Sunday: Liza Fieldsend (NC State) vs. Maureen Slattery (Denver)

    Flight 4 Singles:

    Friday: Lilly Kimbell (Georgia) vs. Christy Sipes (NC State)

    Saturday: Karli Timko (Marshall) vs. Christy Sipes (NC State)

    Sunday: Christy Sipes (NC State) vs. Kathryn Hughes (Denver)

    Flight 5 Singles:

    Friday: Sophie Nelson (NC State) vs. Kate Fuller (Georgia)

    Saturday: Samantha Maddox (CofC vs. Sophie Nelson (NC State)

    Sunday: Sonja Radosevic (Denver) vs. Sophie Nelson (NC State)

    Flight 6 Singles:

    Friday: Mia King (Georgia) vs. Natalia Janowicz (NC State)

    Saturday: Natalia Janowicz (NC State) vs. Rachael Morales (Marshall)

    Sunday: Charlotte Derbyshire (Denver) vs. Natalia Janowicz (NC State)

    Flight 7 Singles:

    Friday: Taylor Zaytoun (NC State) vs. Anne Gulsrud(Marshall)

    Saturday: Katherine Schofield (CofC) vs. Taylor Zaytoun (NC State)

    Sunday: Michelle Garpeniov (Denver) vs. Taylor Zaytoun (NC State)

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