The Wolfpack Club

NC State Football Parking

Parking for NC State football is assigned using the Wolfpack Club Priority Point System. To access a football parking diagram, please click here.

Lot Diagrams:

Arena East 1000

Arena East 2000

Arena North 3000

Arena North 4000

Arena West 5000

Arena West 6000

Arena South


Motorhome Lot

Practice Field

Stadium East

Stadium SE Lower

Stadium West #1

Stadium West #2

Stadium North

The Football Priority Deadline is March 1st.  To maximize priority points and rankings, Wolfpack Club members are encouraged to make a pledge and/or payment prior to the March 1st deadline.  Click here to renew your tickets.
Football parking is assigned in the following order, with respect to the Priority Point System:
1. Wolfpack Club members with Lifetime Rights tickets and/or annual season tickets according to priority limits.
2. Wolfpack Club members purchasing additional parking passes beyond the priority limits.

Priority Parking Limits
The following priority limits tied to annual giving levels are used for ticket and parking assignments:

Lone Wolf ($25,000 annual gift) 8 tickets and 2 parking spaces
Director's Level ($15,500 annual gift) 8 tickets and 2 parking spaces
Legends Circle ($7,200 annual gift) 8 tickets and 2 parking spaces
Red & White Circle ($3,600 annual gift) 8 tickets and 2 parking spaces
Coaches Circle ($2,100 annual gift) 4 tickets and 1 parking space
Lobo Club ($720 annual gift) 4 tickets and 1 parking space

*Parking is not guaranteed for Wolfpack Club members at the State Club level, unless the member has Football Lifetime Rights.
** Assignments for parking ordered beyond these limits are assigned based on availability after all Wolfpack Club members receive their priority assignments.

Rank Cutoffs
The following information represents the projected rank limits for each parking lot as assigned for the 2015 Wolfpack football season. These figures are meant to provide Wolfpack Club members with a general idea on what priority rankings are required to park in a desired parking lot.
Please note: Rank cutoffs for certain lots change every year. These rank cutoffs are not meant to be exact indicators of requirements for the 2015 NC State football season.

Stadium West Rank of 1,500 or better
Stadium East Rank of 1,400 or better
Stadium North Rank of 1,500 or better
Stadium Southeast Rank of 6,200 or better
IPF Lot-new lot, see diagram Rank of 6,200 or better
Practice Field Rank of 4,800 or better
Arena South Rank of 1,500 or better
Arena 1000 Rank of 4,000 or better
Arena 2000 Rank of 5,300 or better
Arena 3000 Rank of 6,000 or better
Arena 4000 Rank of 6,200 or better
Arena 5000 Rank of 5,500 or better
Arena 6000 Rank of 2,900 or better
Motorhome Lot Rank of 1,500 or better
Frank Weedon Lot (H8)-new lot, see diagram Rank of 11,000 or better
Trinity Rank of 8,500 or better
TX Lot Rank of 16,000 or better
H8**(Fairgrounds Lot) Rank of 11,708 or better
Westchase Lot Rank of 17,000 or better

*The above ranks are only projections and may differ from the actual 2015 assignment.

Group Parking
The Wolfpack Club does allow members to request group parking, allowing several Wolfpack Club members to have parking spaces assigned together. When handling a group parking request, the Wolfpack Club uses the following method:
1. Group parking will be assigned based on the member in the group with the highest (worst) ranking.
For example: a group consisting of members ranked #10, #20, and #30 will be assigned together at Rank #30.
2. Each member requesting to park with a certain group must put the request and corresponding names, member number, and football priority rank on each ticket application.
The Wolfpack Club member number and rank can be found on the NC State Football Ticket Application.

Additional Notes
1. If no requests were made on the ticket application or if none of the requests could be honored, assignments were made on best availabilities as determined by Wolfpack Club staff.
2. All parking is re-assigned, in rank order, every year.
3. Located across the street from the PNC Arena, the N.C. State Fairgrounds offer convenient camping amenities. In addition to more than 350 full-service sites currently offered. Call 919-821-7400 for more information or download the Camping Brochure.