The Wolfpack Club

Listed below are the several different ways you can become a part of the Wolfpack Club.

Click here for a Wolfpack Club Membership Brochure

Your donation to the Wolfpack Club may be paid throughout the calendar year. To do so, simplylet us knowthe total amount of money you would like to pledge. You may then pay this pledge in installments throughout the year. Remember, the deadline for football ticket priority is March 1st, and the deadline for basketball ticket priority is August 1st. Pledge today and pay later!

Cash or Check
Donations made by cash or check (make payable to NC State Student Aid Association), are acceptable by mail or in person at our office.

Credit Card or Online Giving
For your convience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.You may also give onlineby clicking here.

Pack Payment Plans
By using the Pack Payment Plan, you may break up your annual and/or capital gifts into smaller payments, making it easier for you to support the Wolfpack Club. An authorized amount can be automatically withdrawn from your checking or credit card account each month. The minimum payment is $10 a month. There are two options for the Pack Payment Plan:

1.Bank Draft: Simply send us a voided check or provide us with your account and routing number, and we will debit your specified amount on the 15th of each month.

2.Credit Card: You may set up a monthly recurring or one-time payment from your credit card. You choose the day of the month and the amount, and you don't have to worry about it again.

To determine the amount of your pledge that will be deducted each month, simply divide the total by the number of months remaining in the year when your pledge is made. Example: You make a pledge of $300 on February 1st. The draft will start that month, so $300/11 months remaining in the calendar year=$27.27 a month.

* In order to stop a bank draft, please submit a letter in writing to the Wolfpack Club office notifying us of your decision, or please call our membership department.
* For scheduled credit card payments towards the annual fund, you must renew your pledge each calendar year.

For a printable version of a bank draft form, please click here.

Matching Gifts
Many Wolfpack Club donors or their spouses are employed by companies that will match cash gifts to charitable organizations. Please check with the HR Department of your company to see if corporate matching is one of your benefits. Please visit wolfpackclub.com/matchinggifts for a list of participating companies. To obtain a matching grant, please follow the procedures outlined by your company when making your request. All matching funds are credited to the donor's account, and receive the same Wolfpack Club point credit as if the funds came directly from the donor. Any money you donate to the Wolfpack Club can be requested for matching, and we generally will apply the match to wherever the original donation was made. For example, a $300 annual donation, matched 100% by the company, will earn the donor a Lobo Club ($600) contribution for that year. A Building Futures donation of $100, with a 100% match, will appear as a $200 donation towards that pledge.

"Fund for Academics" is specifically created for those companies that will not match donations to athletic-related foundations. The money that is received in this fund provides resources for academically-related programs on the NC State Campus.

Advertising Options
By joining the Wolfpack Club, donors will receive a complimentary subscription to The Wolfpacker, an award-winning publication that covers NC State athletics. Included in the subscription are six print issues and 21 electronic newsletters, giving members in depth coverage and inside access to all sports. The Wolfpack Club also offers its members the opportunity to advertise in The Wolfpacker, which is credited the same as making a contribution to the annual scholarship fund. By advertising in The Wolfpacker, members are able to pay for their membership while getting business exposure to other Wolfpack Club members all across the country.

Click here for advertising and rates, dates, and information.

Gifts In Kind
In lieu of monetary donations, the Student Aid Association, at the discretion of the Executive Director, may accept certain gifts and services that would otherwise have needed to be purchased. The donor receives the retail credit for the gift and/or service, as well as a deduction for the gift.

Life Insurance
Leaving a legacy can easily be accomplished by naming the Student Aid Association as the beneficiary to a life insurance policy, provided the policy has a death benefit of at least $25,000. Annual credit can be awarded for the value of the yearly premiums paid. Policies that have been paid-in-full will be assigned priority point credit based on the cash surrender value of the policy. Donors that name the Student Aid Association as the irrevocable beneficiary can also name a surviving family member to receive the membership credit upon the death of the insured. This amount may be used to establish a perpetual endowed scholarship in the donor's memory.

Securities have become a popular method in which to contribute to the Student Aid Association. The donor may claim a charitable income tax deduction, based on the average of the high and the low of the security on the day it was gifted. The avoidance of capital gains taxes on appreciated securities is another reason why this method has been so popular in recent years. Please make your securities donation on or before December 15th of each year to insure that your gift is credited in the correct tax year.

Please click here for a printable stock form.

Endowed scholarships represent the future of NC State Athletic Scholarships. Funds contributed to an endowment generate scholarships forever, as the money is invested, and only a percentage of the endowment total each year may be withdrawn to help pay the annual scholarship bill. Endowed scholarships may be made through any of the normal giving methods, such as cash, securities, real estate, and of course, through a planned gift.

Although any contributions to the endowment are accepted, named endowments begin at $15,000, sport-specific endowments begin at $100,000, and position specific endowments begin at $250,000.

Priority points are also provided to those donors who make an endowment or planned gift.

Visit our endowment page for further information.

Capital Campaigns
Many naming opportunities still exist at Carter Finley Stadium to show your pride in Wolfpack football. Every former player at NC State will be honored, including All-American and All-Conference selections throughout the north concourse.

You may also etch your name in Wolfpack Athletics by purchasing a brick. The current brick options include: Doak Field at Dail Park ($150), and Dail Plaza North at Carter-Finley ($250).

*Donors may secure lifetime seating rights through a capital campaign or endowment gift. A corresponding annual scholarship gift is also required based on the seats location.

Other Giving Alternatives
Other giving alternatives including trusts, will bequests and bonds, among others, are all different types of gifts that the Association accepts. The Wolfpack Club can work with a donor to create an individual giving program utilizing many alternative methods of showing your support and providing a legacy that will last forever.

Real estate can be given to the Wolfpack Club. For more information on the process of giving a real estate gift, please contact the Wolfpack Club. Please note: real estate gifts will not be accepted between November 20th and December 31st of each year.

Memorial Gifts may be made to the Association in someone's honor or memory. The gift will be acknowledged to the family, and the donor will receive a tax deduction.

Members Give Program
Members Give allows you to not only donate using your American Express credit card, but also enables you to redeem your Membership Rewards points as a monetary donation to the Wolfpack Club. Formerly knows as GivingExpress, Members Give provides you with an alternative way to increase your support without affecting your current cash flow. For every 1000 Membership Rewards points donated, the Wolfpack Club will receive a $10.00 check from American Express. All cardholders enrolled in American Express's Membership Rewards program can take advantage of this avenue for charitable giving.

Corporate Card holders can make the Membership Rewards donations in the name of their company or from the individual card holder level. This site also enables you to set up recurring donations so you can spread out your donation over time. You will receive email confirmation of your donation for tax purposes*.

Contact Rebecca T. Hendrickson with any additional questions: rebecca.t.hendrickson@aexp.com.

Please visit www.americanexpress.com/give to make your donation today.

NOTE: One very important stipulation is that your gift through the Members Give points donation does not count towards your Wolfpack Club cumulative giving and/or priority ranking.
*Please consult your tax advisor on the deductibility of a donation of Membership Rewards points.