The Wolfpack Club

The Wolfpacker Advertising

The Wolfpack Club offers its members the opportunity to advertise in The Wolfpacker magazine. This award-winning publication offers six print publications and over 20 electronic newsletters, allowing advertisers the opportunity to showcase their business throughout the year. Included in the print issue schedule is the Football Recruiting Issue, Spring Football Issue, Year In Review Issue, and the Football and Basketball Preview Issues.

All advertising in The Wolfpacker credits one's membership the same as making an annual giving contribution to the Wolfpack Club. For instance, if a Wolfpack Club member selects a $3000 advertising package, the advertiser has satisfied an annual giving contribution at the Red/White Circle. Advertisers receive the same priority point credit and benefits as those choosing to make an annual donation.

Current circulation for The Wolfpacker is over 18,000, for the print issues and over 13,000 for the electronic newsletters. Each version ofThe Wolfpacker goes out to all Wolfpack Club members at the Teammate Club ($120) level or above. The magazine is also available online at www.thewolfpackeronline.com.

For more information on advertising opportunities in The Wolfpacker, please contact:

Will Chriscoe Phone: 919.865.1511 & Email: will.chriscoe@wolfpackclub.com.

For a printable advertising contract, please click here.

Technical Information for All Advertising
All prices net to the Wolfpack Club. Advertisers are responsible for the cost of typesetting, designing, photography, and any other special work needed to prepare their ad for publication. These costs, if requested by the advertiser, will be billed to you.

Technical Specifications for Ad
Advertisements should only be submitted with or after a signed contract. All payments for ads are due no later than December 31st of that specific giving year. For new advertisers, payment will be due before the ad runs. All ads are based on availability of space in each issue.

  • There will be no more than 50% of ads running in each issue of The Wolfpacker .
  • Ad copy or any changes in the ad copy must be received by the Wolfpack Club ten (10) days prior to print date.
  • The Wolfpacker is printed on glossy paper using full color. For optimum reproduction, all ads should be prepared at a minimum 300-dpi in high resolution.
  • We must have ad copy in an electronic format. Quark Xpress 4.1, Illustrator 8.0 and Photoshop 6.0 are all acceptable software.
  • We prefer PDFs if they are prepared correctly. PDFs should be actuall size (100%) and saved at a minimum 300 dpi to ensure image quality.
  • If you are using Pagemaker or Freehand, you must save your ad as an .EPS, .TIFF, .JPG or PDF graphic so that we can open it in Photoshop. If you choose to save your ad as a graphic, please convert your fonts to outline.
  • Ads can be received on CD, 100MB ZIP disk, emailed or sent via FTP using the Fetch program. Please contact Brandon to obtain the FTP site to upload your ad.
  • Please call David Searcy at Coman Publishing 1-800-421-7751 with any questions or email David at dsearcy@comanpub.com.
  • Technical questions and FTP information may be requested from layout@comanpub.com.