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The Wolfpack Club's Young Alumni Program allows recent graduates to directly impact NC State Athletics.  The Wolfpack Club understands that it may be difficult to give back at this point in your life and therefore the Young Alumni program was created to help recent graduates give back and stay involved in NC State Athletics. The intent is to allow the young alums to participate in the Wolfpack Club at no charge for the first year, at a discounted rate of $30 for the second year, $60 for the third year and $90 for the fourth year, while at the same time building a valuable foundation of priority points for a lifetime. Your donation is vital to keep NC State Athletics successful and remain a premier program.


What is the NC State Student Aid Association? (aka Wolfpack Club)
The Wolfpack Club is the non-profit fundraising organization for NC State Athletics. The Wolfpack Club exists to provide financial support for student-athlete scholarships as well as athletic facility improvements, support academic affairs, summer school, and the operational needs of the athletics department. 

The charitable donations of alumni, friends and fans are vital to the long term growth and success of NC State athletics.  The NC State athletic department does not receive state funds for operation.  Therefore, money raised by the Wolfpack Club is necessary to build and sustain a competitive athletics program in the Atlantic Coast Conference and NCAA. 

Who is eligible for the Young Alumni Program?
Young Alumni are individuals who have graduated from NC State University with an undergraduate or graduate degree within the previous five years. 

If you are interested in joining the Wolfpack Club at a higher level, please contact us at 919-865-1500 or info@wolfpackclub.com.  

Benefits of Joining the Wolfpack Club's Young Alumni Program
     • Satisfaction of providing financial aid to deserving student-athletes
     • Discounted season football and basketball tickets (limit of 2)*
            *Discounted season ticket offer for Young Alumni is valid for up to 4 years past graduation date.
     • Priority seating at all football and basketball games 
     • Opportunity to purchase post-season/bowl game tickets
     • A subscription to The Wolfpacker, a bi-monthly magazine covering NC State athletics (excludes first year young alumni members)
     • A subscription to The Wolfpacker monthly online newsletter
     • Invitations to numerous Wolfpack Club meetings, tailgate parties, away game trips, golf tournaments and socials 
     • Wolfpack Club membership card
     • Wolfpack Club car decal
     • 80% tax deduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are priority points and how are the calculated?

Priority Point Calculation

2. How does being a Young Alumni member influence my priority points?

The first determinant in Priority Points is consecutive years of donating to the Wolfpack Club.  The earlier you join, the more years that you will be able to accrue to increase your points from consecutive years of giving. 

3. Can I join at a higher giving level?

Young Alumni are not restricted to joining at the Teammate Club level.  They may join at any giving level, but will receive the same dollar credit they would be joining at the Teammate Club Level.

For example, Tommy just graduated in May of 2012 and decided to join the Wolfpack Club at the State Club Level ($360 annual gift).  Technically, he would receive a free 2012 membership worth $120.  This $120 is credited to his account and Tommy will then pay the remaining balance of $240 for his 2012 membership.  In 2013, Tommy will still receive his Young Alumni credit of $90, and he will pay $270 to the Wolfpack Club to receive his State Club Level membership. 
4. What do Young Alumni have to benefit from joining at a higher level?

This goes back to the priority point system.  The more an individual pledges and donates, the more points he or she will receive.  Ultimately, by joining at a higher giving level, young alumni can more quickly increase their rank in the Wolfpack Club in order to receive better tickets and parking. 

5. The following are a few examples of how the Young Alumni discount works:

     • Josh graduated from NC State in May of 2012.  He signed up for the Wolfpack Club's Young Alumni membership in July, 2012.  He will
      receive his free membership for the remainder of the 2012 calendar year, before paying $30 and receiving a $90 credit for his membership in

     • Emily graduated from NC State in December of 2010 and joined the Wolfpack Club in January of 2011.  Her free year was credited for the 2011
      calendar year.  In 2012, Emily paid $30 for her membership and was credited $90 by the Wolfpack Club for her Teammate Club Level
      membership.  In 2013, Emily will pay $60 for her membership.

     • A.J. graduated from NC State in May of 2010, but he did not join the Wolfpack Club until March, 2012.  Therefore, A.J. missed his free
      membership and his $30 membership.  For his 2012 membership, he paid $60 and was credited $60 by the Wolfpack Club.  For 2013, A.J. will
      pay $90 for his membership and receive a $30 credit from the Wolfpack Club.

If you have any questions regarding the Young Alumni Program, please contact us at 919-865-1500 or info@wolfpackclub.com