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    Mr. and/or Ms. Wuf may be available to appear at your next event. They love to socialize (although they do not speak or even howl) and are always ready to have their pictures taken with fans. Of course, they have very busy schedules so you need to SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR EVENT. Keep in mind that they may not be available during scheduled academic breaks, during exam week, or on days when there is a game (especially football or basketball). Also, they are very busy at the beginning of semesters and are more likely to be available in the evenings and on weekends.

    Mascot Appearance Policies:

    At the event, mascots will need a mature, full-time escort/handler who can ensure the mascots have:

    • A parking place close to the event or a ride to the event

    • A private place (not a public restroom) to dress and rest (10-15 minutes per hour to cool down and reenergize)

    • A secure location for their clothes and personal items

    • Drinking water available at all times

    • A reminder when their appearance time is over (Wufs don't wear watches and clients will be responsible to pay for any extra time)

    Appearances default to one hour. Exceptions must be approved by the Athletics Department in advance.

    Athletics Department Fees:

    The current rates for each mascot are:

    • $275 per hour for corporate events

    • $165 per hour for private events

    • $65 per hour for non-profit and most NC State University events

    You will be charged for the hours and number of mascots assigned at the applicable rate. You will be charged an hour for any portion of an hour over 15 minutes. Any changes to hours or number of mascots will result in a new invoice being issued for the additional services provided.

    All payments must be made by check or university IDT.

    • Check:

      • Payable to NC State Cheerleading
      • Provide to mascot at the completion of the event

    • University IDTs:

      • your project number and OUC
      • the name of your bookkeeper

    When your request is confirmed, your confirmation email will include an invoice.

    Mascot mileage:

    We use the current government rate of $0.575 per mile for mileage reimbursement.

    Your invoice will include reimbursement for round-trip mileage from NC State University (2500 Warren Carroll Drive, Raleigh) to the event. Reimbursement is not required for round-trips of fewer than ten miles.

    If two mascots are covering an event during the academic year, they are required to travel together. During a university break or holiday, if their travel originates from different places, you may be charged for each mascot's mileage.

    For the safety of our mascots, we are only able to accept request that are less than 1 hour distance from campus.

    Event Cancellation:

    • The NC State Athletics Department may refuse a request if it is decided that the event or location is not suitable for an NC State mascot.
    • Mascots may cancel an event if they feel uncomfortable in the venue, with the behavior of the guests, if there is not a suitable place to change clothes andsafely store their personal items, or any other situation that makes them feel personally unsafe or uneasy.
    • There is an appearance cancellation fee of $50 for any event canceled seven or fewer days before an event.
    • If the Athletics Department must cancel an event due to illness, personal emergency, class issues, etc. of the assigned mascot(s) and a replacement cannot be found or if we must cancel due to adverse weather, you will be contacted as soon as possible, and you will receive a total refund.

    Make a request:

    By submitting the Mascot Appearance Request form on the next page, you acknowledge your agreement with and acceptance of our policies. Please complete all of the required fields on the request form. You will receive an automatic confirmation that your request has been received. We will then forward your request to the mascots and will let you know as soon as possible whether or not we can fulfill your request.

    When mascots are assigned we will send an email to you with their names and cell numbers, the name and phone number of the mascot coordinator, and the name and phone number of the mascot's emergency contact. We will attach your invoice to the email.

    If there are problems in fulfilling your request we will work with you to see if a date or time change is possible. We may also be able to offer a substitute in mascots (Ms. instead of Mr. or one instead of both).


    All mascot requests must go through the Request Form. If you have additional questions or need more information about mascot appearances, email us at: Please allow one week for a response to your email

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